Intrusion, vandalism, and robbery rate is becoming high with the passage of time and now we cannot depend on human surveillance anymore. Need of an automated security system to provide safety 24/7 is increasing day by day. Electric fences provide this kind of security and offer you intrusion free, secure, reliable, and safe environment to live in. On contrary brick wall is just a passive physical barrier which is no longer efficient. Housing communities, farms, warehouses, private houses hence any type of building can be secured with electric fence.


LS2 provides electric fencing to meet all your security needs. Some of the specialties and features of electric fences provided by us are as follows:
Powerful, Affordable and Reliable

  • built in UPS feature with Inbuilt maintenance free battery
  • Rust Proof Aluminum Galvanized Wires
  • Life of Wires: 8~10 Years
  • Non-Lethal Equipment
  • 40 Watts Consumption & Energy range 8,000 Volts
  • High Alarm System & Round the clock security


  • Energizer DRUID LCD with Featured Key Pad
  • Built-In UPS With Battery Backup up to 5-6 Hrs
  • Stainless Steel Pole Height = 40Inches Approx
  • Jurassic Black Slotted Insulators
  • Mini Titan Tensions , Compression Spring
  • Aluminum Wire 1.6 mm thickness
  • Warning Sign Plates
  • 10W – Siren Alarm, Earth Spike as per standard
  • High-Tension Electric Cable
  • Energizer Metal Enclosure Housing
  • Round the Clock Security.

Are You Concerned About Security?

With the increasing number of theft, robbery and intrusion, everyone is naturally more concerned about safety and security. You should feel secure in your living place and working environment. Most effective and dependable source of security is to install electric fence.

24-hour Protection:

Our electric fencing will provide protection you desire. It is reliable, active 24/7 and free of all human errors. Intruders would not disturb you anymore.

Alarm and alert messages:

Relax in your rocking chair and we will safeguard you from all the intrusions. Just install any of our fence and alarm and text SMS whenever someone tries to breakthrough.

Easy installation:

Our employees will check security requirements of your house, building or a farm and then decide to provide you with most suitable fencing solution. It would be easy to install and manage.

How can we help you?

Prevention is better than cure. To increase safety and feel secured you can hire LS2 with complete confidence. Our solution of electric fences is incompliance with International safety standards and following are the main categories of fences we provide:

Wall Top Electric Fence:

If you live in a crowded area and surrounded by public, this would be the safest choice. It is installed above the wall generally 1.5 meters high from ground.

Full Height Electric Fence:

Keeping animals away from the farm is a hectic chore. Full height electric fence will help you reducing your load. Electric shock is monitored and won’t cause any serious damage to human or animals.

Gate Electric Fence:

Gates with electric bars and sliding features are in fashion and increase beauty of a house but doesn’t provide any safety. Gate electric fence is installed above the gate removing all your security concerns.