2-Way Gate Contact

2Amp Power Pack (incl. 7Ah Battery)

Aluminium HT Cable (A-Series)

Compression Spring 1 (CNT)

Double Pole Lightning Protection

Druid 13LCD Energizer

Druid 15LCD Energizer

Druid 18LCD Energizer

Druid 20LCD Fence Monitor

Druid 25LCD Energizer

Druid 28LCD Energizer

Druid Dual Zone Keypad

Druid Four Zone Keypad

Druid 25LCD Energizer

Energizer Tag

Fence Meter

Fence Scope Multi Tool


FG7C Tension Sensor Controller

Hook Bolt

Hybrid Compression Spring 2 (CNT2HB)

Hybrid Compression Spring 3 (CNT3HB)

Hybrid Compression Spring 4 (CNT4HB)

Jurassic Insulator

Merlin Stealth Dual Zone Keypad

Merlin Stealth M18S Energizer

Merlin Stealth M28X Energizer

Merlin Stealth Single Zone Dual Gate Keypad

Mini Nylon Tensioner

Modulus and Jurassic Hook

Self Tapper Hook

Shield Insulator

Solid Aluminium Alloy Wire

Solid Stainless Steel Wire

Stay Bracket with Lug

Steel Drill Bits

Stranded Aluminium Wire

Stranded Stainless Steel Wire

Strobe Light

Tinned Copper HT Cable (S-Series)