LS2 Technologies keeps up with the latest trends of technology of CCTV developments, so make sure to not worry or distress yourself over the security and maintenance of your organization.

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These cameras are either suspended from a wall mounted or ceiling mounted bracket. It depends on the application of the camera as well as the required field of review. They are offered in several forms like IP or analogue, mobile or fixed cameras. Prominent features of these are as follows:

  • They are used for indoor purposes
  • They have smaller lens
  • Dome cameras are harder to be spotted
  • They fit easily with the current décor of the buildings


As the name suggests, these cameras protrude outwards just like gun barrel. They are easy to be installed and are used for residential as well as commercial purposes. Prominent features of this type of CCTV camera are as follows:

  • These cameras come with mounting handle
  • They can be used for indoor purposes
  • They have infrared LEDs to ensure availability of light
  • They are visible to the passers


It is the type of digital video camera used for the surveillance purpose. Unlike the analog CCTV cameras, these cameras are capable of sending and receiving the data through internet and computer network. Salient features of these types of camera are as follows:

  • They are equipped with WDR that makes the object look clear against dull or bright light
  • They can record audios as well
  • They are motion detectors
  • These cameras work perfect even in corridor settings
  • They are extreme weather resistant


These are closed circuit television cameras that are capable of transmitting audio and video signals through radio band to a wireless receiver. Most of these cameras need at least one cable for power. Salient features of these cameras are as follows:

  • They include long range wireless transmitter and receiver antennas
  • Transmission range is up to 3 miles
  • Applications is point to point
  • These can be used for shorter distances


These cameras are capable of capturing high definition videos for surveillance purposes. Prominent features of the camera are as follows:

  • They have video resolution of 1080p / 2 megapixel HD
  • These have lens with adjustable focus
  • Size of the lens ranges between 2.8mm to 12mm
  • They have built in 35 IR LEDs