Cabling Audits

Cabling Audits are often neglected but the little much ignorance can lead you all tangled as what does not seem to be crucial or important may cause you problem later. So, taking care of the Cable Audit does not take much time if you have the right information relating to your existing infrastructure of your system.

Knowing the functioning of the Cable audit you will be able to trust us with resolving the areas of weakness, and potential cabling requirements that will surely help with the cabling surveys saving a good amount of time.

Information from each audit can be different depending on your requirements but can include any of the following, figure out and inform LS2 Technologies to be free of any hindrance:

  • A Visio or AutoCAD drawing showing the site and cabling routes including cabinet locations.
  • All Fiber Backbone links will be marked up including fiber, copper and wireless.
  • Testing of all cabling can be carried out to identify potential bottlenecks.
  • Cabinet/Rack Layout Drawings can be provided showing space capacity (U Space).
  • The number of data outlets per cabinet will be counted and checked to see if there are in use –and the type of cable used.
  • Heats and Power Outputs can be calculated.
  • Identify any labelling issues and rectified if required (Patch Panels, Outlets and Cables).


How can we help you?

Your business success is based on your IT system’s performance and the infrastructure that is supporting it, and this can be somehow effected by an ever increasing number of factors in today’s business critical IT Solutions.

Our cabling audit will give you a complete overview of your current infrastructure and area where we would recommend change. Once the cabling audit is complete our experienced LS2 staff can discuss the audit with you including the next steps and this could include:

  • Updating the cabling infrastructure including re-patching existing cabinets.
  • Repairing any faulty links.
  • Discussing your business requirements from the cabling infrastructure and provide advice on a way forward.
  • Discussing the other services LS2 Technologies promises to provide like our unique Cabling Maintenance Options which assures to not cause any more cabling surveys in the future.